What is Lean Business?

Lean is about being effective and efficient – in delivering value to the customer. 

Lean strives to eliminate waste, in operational processes and to engage staff in developing a culture of continuous improvement.

Lean requires that individuals, teams and the entire organisation remain continuously focused on the customer, adopting a practical approach to increasing value to the customer by the relentless elimination of every form of unnecessary waste.

Why Lean? 

Lean is a way of thinking and acting that enables people to drive the organisation forward, towards profitable growth. It increases capability and capacity, and is a catalyst for innovation. Lean helps ensure flexibility, responsiveness, efficiency, innovation and, by continuously listening to the customer, allows companies to compete and win on merit and become more resilient to changing market demands. 


In 2014, Forfas carried out an independent review of Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Business offer and found that companies engaged in the programme recorded significant gains:

  • Productivity up 20%

  • Sales up 40%

  • Delivery adherence up 43%

  • Product & Service quality up 30%

  • Employment up 11%​

The benefits of Lean have been experienced

by business of all sizes across many sectors.

Lean business is not just for large companies.

Lean principles and practices have been successfully implemented

in a wide range of Micro and Small companies, to solve a variety of business challenges. Read their stories here:

from Bakeries to Pharmacies,

from Laboratory Equipment Suppliers to Software Development,

from Online Gifts to Environmental Services,

from Food Producers to Digital Design Agencies.


Find our more about the benefits of Lean in these business,

and others, here: 

Lean Implementation in Micro & Small Enterprises Book of Cases 2020 


There are two strands to the Lean Business Programme  in DLR.

Find out how they may apply to your business here: