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What is Lean Business?

Lean is about aligning an organisation’s skills, talents, resources, processes and strategy with the needs of its customers.
Finding this alignment allows organisations to be lightweight and nimble – which allows them to quickly respond to changes in the market and ensure sustainability.

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What does it involve? 

Once a business understands the Lean tools and techniques available they can start by a making simple operational changes to better support their customers.

The next step is to take on projects that involve a significant change. Examples include a manufacturing business investing in new equipment and software systems to implement a new production method using Lean principles, or a services company implementing a new production method involving new standardised process design, automation of parts of the process and training of staff in Lean principles.

Lean is a way of thinking and acting that enables people to drive the organisation forward towards profitable growth. It increases capability and capacity and is a catalyst for innovation.

Proven Results

The Local Enterprise Board can provide your business with specialised training in Lean tools and techniques. Join the 1,000’s of companies all over Ireland who have successfully engaged in LEAN business programmes and recorded significant gains, including:

  • Productivity increases 20%

  • Sales increases 40%

  • Delivery adherence improvements 43%

  • Product & Service quality improvements 30%

  • Employment increases 11%

Source: Government Report

Examples of Success Stories

The benefits of Lean have been experienced

by business of all sizes across many sectors.

Lean business is not just for large companies.

Read their stories here:

Lean Implementation in Micro & Small Enterprises Book of Cases 2020


Visit the Lean Business Ireland website for more case studies

Click here

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Lean DLR

There are two strands to the Lean Business Programme in DLR.

Find out how they can apply to your business here:

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