Is 2020 the year when you want to;

  • Increase productivity

  • Attract and retain the best staff


  • Understand how to make your business more profitable and competitive

DLC Co Co in cooperation with Sandyford BD and DLR Chamber can support you in all that and more using the globally renowned LEAN business principles. This is not a desirable but a must-have for companies competing in an increasingly competitive landscape. Don't delay and make 2020 the year when you make the most important investment in your company.

We offer training for all businesses and consultancy supports for small business (>10 employees) and for other SMEs in DLR to make this happen.

Don't take our word for it, see how LEAN has transformed these DLR companies.


CEO - Phonovation Ltd

CEO  - Adams & Butler

Head of Engineering & Operations

Airtel ATN

CEO - Monsoon Consulting Ltd

Director - The Wordwell roup

CEO  - Airtel ATN

Benefits of LEAN Business

LEAN is a practical and proven way of improving your business. Here are some examples of companies in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown who have  adopted Lean business principles to increase performance and competitiveness, and have discovered many additional benefits.


“It was a very easy way of making things better in the company.”

Frank O’Connor, CEO, Airtel-ATN Limited 


 “It’ll never really happen unless you decide to start a programme like LEAN.”

Una Nolan, Head of Engineering, Airtel-ATN Limited 


“…if we didn’t adopt LEAN my business wouldn’t even exist.”

Bharat Sharma , CEO,  Monsoon Consulting 

To find out more about Lean Business

and how it may apply to your business,

invest a morning of your time at one of our 

Lean for Leaders workshops.